Why is EarlyPay the perfect travel card?

Especially when travelling you need a reliable and secure means of payment.

These are the benefits of EarlyPay when you travel:


1. You can obtain cash at ATMs worldwide  Рwith EarlyPay the withdrawal fees are clear.*


2. You always have an adequate means of payment at hand. Even without the local currency. MasterCard is accepted at over 30 million places worldwide.


3. With EarlyPay you can determine your budget prior to departure. Whilst abroad you have total cost control via your online account. This rules out any unexpected surprises when looking over your statements upon your return.

(Of course you can top up your card anytime through your online-account in case you need more money than you expected.)


*Within the Eurozone cash withdrawal at an ATM only costs 2,90 Euro. Outside the Eurozone 2,75 % can apply depending on the currency of the transaction. Sometimes ATMs charge extra fees. This is normally displayed before the cash withdrawal.