What is an EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard®?

The EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard is a personalized MasterCard card using prepaid deposits. You keep it in your wallet and are able to use it for purchases and cash withdrawals worldwide. The card’s limit is defined by the amount of money you load on the card.


The EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard is NOT tied to a bank account.

EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard:  this card can be used worldwide at millions of MasterCard Terminals and ATMs and for all kinds of purchases on the internet.  After your purchase order we send you the card by mail. With EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard you can only spend what you load.


You can manage your EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard comfortably through your EarlyPay account at www.earlypay.com