Why EarlyPay?

EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard® is a modern and secure payment card. For easy use both at home and when travelling. For you, your partner and your whole family.


EarlyPay allows secure online shopping and the purchase of goods and services in „real“ life. The combination of chip and PIN (personal identification number) makes the EarlyPay MasterCard a very secure means of payment. All modern card terminals (restaurants, gas stations, malls, shops, etc.) that have been converted to the most recent standard ask you for your PIN – instead of signing. Thus your security is highly increased.

  • The EarlyPay MasterCard is a secure alternative to conventional payment cards and traveller cheques.
  • Maximum security with every online purchase thanks to limited card value.
  • Afraid of identity fraud? EarlyPay MasterCard gives you the highest security standard currently available.


  • Use your EarlyPay MasterCard in anyplace in the world where you can see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.
  • Receive payments wherever you are and whenever you want. Everything is possible: share money between accounts or cards.
  • Deposit cash into your EarlyPay MasterCard account and take it with you when travelling.
  • Book hotels, rental cars and trips online or by phone call.
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide.


  • You are in total control of the money you spend.
  • Check your balance quickly and easily online at www.earlypay.com or via SMS and keep track of your transactions and purchases done with EarlyPay MasterCard.
  • Arrange direct debit for regular payments like rent, electricity bills, etc.
  • A regular bank account is not needed. EarlyPay MasterCard is also suited for people who don’t have their own bank account but still want to take good care of their finances.
  • Share money online from your EarlyPay account to accounts worldwide.
  • Request additional cards – on the same or an extra account – for your partner, your kids or relatives.