Fast Help

Top up your card by simple bank transfer! (2-3 days)

Recipient: PPRO Transact Network
Account number
: 88888006 (or from abroad: IBAN: DE78700111100088888006)
Bank Code
: 70011110 (or from abroad: BIC: DEKTDE71002)
Bank Name
: Sofort Bank Deutsche Kontor Privatbank AG
: the last 8 digits of your EarlyPayĀ® card number

e.g. 5338 6427 5700 8130

Hint: If you are using onlinebanking, save a bank transfer template for your EarlyPay transactions. Thus you have the numbers from above at hand and you avoid typing errors. Please click here to view all top up methods!


Top up instantly with directpay24 or giropay!

1. Log on to your account.

2. Click on “Load Funds”

3. Select “directpay24″ or “giropay”

4. Load money on your card in an instant!


You’ve lost your card?

Call us (free) 00800 43 27 92 89

We will cancel your card immediately!


You want to check your balance ?

1. option: Send an SMS with the word guthaben to 48000. (costs: 0,50 Euro/SMS)


2. option: Check your balance at the next ATM. (costs: 0,50 Euro/operation)


3. option: go online, log-in to your account at and check your balance (free).