Questions & Answers

What is an EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard®? 

The EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard is a personalized MasterCard card using prepaid deposits. You keep it in your wallet and are able to use it for purchases and cash withdrawals worldwide. The card’s limit is defined by the amount of money you load on the card.


The EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard is NOT tied to a bank account.

EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard:  this card can be used worldwide at millions of MasterCard Terminals and ATMs and for all kinds of purchases on the internet.  After your purchase order we send you the card by mail. With EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard you can only spend what you load.


You can manage your EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard comfortably through your EarlyPay account at


What makes the EarlyPay Card more secure than other cards? 

The EarlyPay Card comes with a chip of the latest technology, which asks for a PIN when you pay with it.


Conventional cards are slid through the payment terminal, and require you to sign. This is quick and comfortable BUT this also means: anyone who gets hold of your card can use it by forging your signature.


With your EarlyPay card this is not possible. Because only you know your PIN.


Even when shopping online EarlyPay is more secure than conventional cards, because you can check your transactions immediately via your online account. Thus you know at all times when and for what your card was used – and not only at the end of the month.


Important: Memorize your PIN and do not write it down anywhere. This way you can be sure you’re protected against fraud.


Why is EarlyPay the perfect travel card? 

Especially when travelling you need a reliable and secure means of payment.

These are the benefits of EarlyPay when you travel:


1. You can obtain cash at ATMs worldwide  – with EarlyPay the withdrawal fees are clear.*


2. You always have an adequate means of payment at hand. Even without the local currency. MasterCard is accepted at over 30 million places worldwide.


3. With EarlyPay you can determine your budget prior to departure. Whilst abroad you have total cost control via your online account. This rules out any unexpected surprises when looking over your statements upon your return.

(Of course you can top up your card anytime through your online-account in case you need more money than you expected.)


*Within the Eurozone cash withdrawal at an ATM only costs 2,90 Euro. Outside the Eurozone 2,75 % can apply depending on the currency of the transaction. Sometimes ATMs charge extra fees. This is normally displayed before the cash withdrawal.


How much does the EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard cost? 

The EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard costs EUR 39,- one-time. This includes the printing of your personal card and shipping costs.

The amount will be withdrawn from your first loading.

Afterwards there won’t be any more monthly or annualy fees.

When you load your EarlyPay MasterCard you will be charged a small fee according to the top up method.

For the full list of fees please have a look at our pricelist.


How can I get an EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard? 

To get your personal EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard, please do the following

1. Go to

2. Click “Registration”

3. Fill in the purchase order form and follow the instructions.

4. We verify your data.

5. You receive the EarlyPay card by mail 5-8 days later.


What information do I have to provide to open an EarlyPay account? 

In order to open an EarlyPay Account you will have to provide some personal data such as:

First name, last name, postal address, email address, date of birth and telephone number.

After we have verified the data you choose your username and password to log on to the secure account area.


Who can open an EarlyPay account? 

Anyone over the age of 18 and who is a resident of the EU or the EEA (European Economic Area).

Every client is subject to identity verification.


How does an EarlyPay account work? 

The EarlyPay account allows you to put money on your EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard and to manage your private and account data.

You can keep track of all transactions through a history of transactions. Furthermore you can receive money from and send money to other EarlyPay accounts as well as other accounts.


What does “Prepaid” mean? 

Prepaid means you “pay in advance”.

With an EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard you FIRST load money on your Card and THEN go and spend it. The credit line is defined only by the amount of money you have previously topped up. You can only spend the amount of money available on the card. This way you won’t overspend.

Merchants and ATMs treat your EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard just like any other MasterCard card – as long as there is enough money loaded for the purchase/withdrawal.


Can I open more than one EarlyPay account? 

You can only open one EarlyPay account. However it is possible to get up to three Additional Cards either with shared or separate balance (subaccount). For example for your partner.


How can I top up my EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard? 

In order to top up your card please do as follows:
• Log-on to your account at

• Choose the desired top up method

• Choose the desired amount of money.

• Confirm all specifications.


How can I check my balance? 

1. option: go online, log-in to your account at and check your balance (free).


2. option: Send an SMS with the word guthaben to 48000. (costs: 0,50 Euro)


3. option: Check your balance at the next ATM. (costs: 0,50 Euro)


How can I send money per SMS? 

You can use your card to send money to any other card simply by sending an SMS. In order to do this, you first need to login to your account and become buddies with the person you want to send money to.
To send money, just send an SMS with the keyword „transfer“, then the email address or mobile phone number of the buddy you want to transfer to.


Example to send €23.50 to buddy with email


To: +49 176 888 11111

Message: transfer 23.99

Example to send €23.50 to buddy with phone number +4915123345567:


To:+49 176 888 11111
Message: transfer 23.50 +4915123345567


Can I get interest on my EarlyPay account? 

No, your EarlyPay account does not pay interest.


I have forgotten my password. 

If you have forgotten your password you have to verify your identity. Please follow the instructions:

1. Click „Forgotten password?“ at

2. Fill in your email address carefully and follow the instructions.

3. You will be asked for the answer to your security question. Please fill in the answer and pay attention to upper and lower case.

4. You will the receive an email with further instructions. Please follow them and you will get a new password.


Can I get a reimbursement on my EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard? 

If a retailer carries out a reimbursement for a purchase made with an EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard, the amount of the purchase will be refunded to the same EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard that has been originally used for the purchase.


I cannot register. What might be the problem? 

• You must be at least 18 years old.
• You must provide valid personal data in order to register. If you have made a mistake filling in the registration form, it is possible that automatic verification system has blocked your account. In this case we will contact you for further procedures.
• You can only open one account. If you have forgotten your Login Data please contact us +350 2000 3800


What happens when my EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard expires? 

When your EarlyPay Prepaid MasterCard expires and you have enough money on it for a replacement card at that particular moment, we will send you a new card at least two weeks before the expiry date.


Which types of loading are offered at EarlyPay? 


Bank transfer
Account number
: 88888006 (or from abroad: IBAN: DE78700111100088888006)
Bank Code
: 70011110 (or from abroad: BIC: DEKTDE71002)
Bank Name
: Sofort Bank Deutsche Kontor Privatbank AG
: the last 8 digits of your EarlyPay® card number.
e.g. 5338 6427 5700 8130

Hint: If you are using onlinebanking, save a bank transfer template for your EarlyPay transactions. Thus you have the numbers from above at hand and you avoid typing errors.


Cash deposit
Generally you can load your EarlyPay card at any bank. Please note that every bank charges different fees for this kind of service.


giropay and directpay24
If you are logged in at your account you can select giropay or directpay24. You can insert your bank details and will securely be forwarded to your online banking where you can log in as usual and make the payment using a normal TAN. The benefit: the transfer doesn’t take 2-3 days – but 2-3 seconds!


What means “IDV” and what do I need this for? 

IDV stands for Identity Verification

Identity Verification (IDV) is a means to protect you as a customer and us as the provider from fraud.

When you get your EarlyPay Card you are automatically on IDV Level 1. This means you can use the card up to a total loading amount of 1000 Euro (all load funds adding up).

At that moment you are committed to verify your identity.

You can of course verify at any given moment before you reach that limit. If you are e.g. planning a vacation, make sure you think of the verification on time – as the handling of the IDV change may take some days.


What do you have to do?

Please check your personal information (first name, last name, address) on your account settings and provide us

  • a copy of your government issued ID document (Passport, ID Card or EU driver’s license) as well as a utility bill (phone, gas, water, power bill) that has your name and address on it.

If the government issued ID document is provided containing your current residential address, then we do not require a copy of your utility bill. (Please find the details of the exact procedure in the login area of your account “IDV”.)

When you have successfully been upgraded to IDV Level 2 you can use your card up to 15.000 Euro (all amounts adding up).

If you want to verify IDV Level 3, you will have to verify via POSTIDENT or notarized documents (please find the details in the login area of your account “IDV”).